About me

After studying mathematics and physics for 3 years where I got familiar with lower level language like C and turbo pascal, I spent a year in art school where I realized that technology and design can work very well together. In 2006 I started the prestigeous Gobelins School of Multimedia and graduated in 2008.

I worked as a software engineer for 3 years from 2005 to 2008 at Be-iTech, to developed a medical software for PDA and windows phone (Iphone wasn’t out yet).

I then spent half a year working for a famous french digital agency call Megalos before taking the decision to move to the bay area back in 2009. Here I met awesome people at JVST. I started as a flash developer, and i ended up running the development team at the agency. In September 2014 I joined Yahoo! as a Frontend Video Engineer. I work hand to hand with world class engineers on Yahoo Screen and Yahoo Live.

I’m currently open for new opportunities in the Bay Area. When I’m not coding, I’m in my woodworking shop.

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