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Play as Pancho the Dragon and fly around the forest collecting food for your three hungry dragon babies. Keep them fed long enough and they’ll start helping you collect food! Get flying – babies get super hungry super fast!

Collect birds, bunnies and turtles from across the sweeping forest landscape to deliver to your precious babies!

You spit hot fire! Keep those goshdarn vultures from stealing your catch by frying them with your fireball but be careful – you need time to recharge between each sizzling burn balls.

Keep your babies fed long enough, and they’ll join you on the hunt! Your offspring will fly around wherever you go helping you catch more prey to feed to the other babies – but watch out for the vultures!

Challenge your friends to see who can keep your babies fed the longest! Share your scores on Facebook and compete to have the best score!



Skyfeeder was build in Objective C, using the Cocos2d Framework for the game engine and the Box2d Framework for the Physic Engine.

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