Street Fighter 25th Anniversary



Capcom is one of the premiere gaming publishers on earth, and they asked for our help for the upcoming 25th Anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise.

We’ve worked with Capcom on a number of different initiatives throughout the years, and we jumped on the chance to do something fun and cool to celebrate one of the most iconic brands in the world.

The pitch was simple. We grew up on Street Fighter – it helped us bond with friends, make new frenemies and lose a combined $73,985.75 in quarters over the years. We are all a part of Street Fighter, and Street Fighter has become part of our lives. The brand has touched the lives of its fans in a myriad of ways, so we wanted to create a site for our fans to share their experiences and make new friends for the next 25 years of Street Fighter.


This site was build on top of wordpress, A lot of plugins has been custom develop for this project. JQuery was use for the frontend of the site.

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